Banach Center Symposium

Geometry and Topology of Caustics


17-29 June, 2002
Warsaw, Poland


Name  Address  Title of lecture  Time 
Tamazi Aliashvili,  Counting topological invariants of random polynomials   17-29.06.2002 
Ilya Bogaevsky  Mather Theory for Lagrangian Mappings  17-23.06.2002 
Alexander Bortakovski  Singularities of syntesis in control systems with logical blocks  17-29.06.2002 
James William Bruce  Families of BDE's, Dupin Indicatrices and Binary Forms  20-25.06.2002 
Marc Chaperon  Generating phase functions and applications  17-22.06.2002 
Alexei Davydov,  Normal forms of generic implicit systems of first order ODE's  17-24.06.2002 
Wojciech Domitrz  On local stability of differential 1-forms and control hypersurface systems on a manifold with boundary  17-29.06.2002 
Henrik Farkas  Rotating waves in heterogeneous media around circular obstacle - simulation and classification  16-22.06.2002 
Peter Giblin  Some thoughts on affine-invariant version of the symmetry set  19-27.06.2002 
Gia Giorgadze  On the fibers of certain quadratic mappings  17-29.06.2002 
Pawel Goldstein  Gradient flows of harmonic functions on R^3  17-29.06.2002 
Victor Goryunov  Simple matrix singularities and the subgroups of Weyl groups A_\mu,D_\mu,E_\mu  19-27.06.2002 
Janusz Grabowski  Lifts of Poisson and Jacobi structures  17-29.06.2002 
Marek Grochowski  Properties of the sub-Lorentzian distance function  17-29.06.2002 
Kevin Houston  Classifying real and complex codimension 1 multi-germs  16-22.06.2002 
Goo Ishikawa  Perturbations of caustics and fronts  17-29.06.2002 
Stanislaw Janeczko  TBA  17-29.06.2002 
Alain Joets  Symmetrical caustics and Curie's principle  16-28.06.2002 
Kristof Kaly-Kullai  TBA  16-22.06.2002 
Maxim Kazarian  Global topological invariants of wave fronts and their singularities  16-22.06.2002 
Giorgi Khimshiashvili,  Minimal round functions in low dimensions  17-29.06.2002 
Boris S. Kruglikov  Neighborhoods of J-holomorphic curves: normal forms and hyperbolicity  17-23.06.2002 
Krzysztof Kurdyka  Uniform bounds for trajectories of gradients of polynomials  17-23.06.2002 
Sergei Lando  Gromov-Witten invariants with gravitational descendants of the projective line  20-27.06.2002 
Stanislaw Lojasiewicz  TBA  17-29.06.2002 
Show Han Man  Symmetries of J_10  17-25.06.2002 
Martijn van Manen  Some properties of conflict sets   17-25.06.2002 
Małgorzata Marciniak  TBA  17-29.06.2002 
Malgorzata Mikosz  TBA  17-29.06.2002 
Gerard Misiolek  Euler equations on homogeneous spaces and Virasoro orbits  17-29.06.2002 
Piotr Mormul  Multidimensional Cartan prolongations and a universal space for special k-flags  17-29.06.2002 
Tadeusz Mostowski  TBA  17-29.06.2002 
Oleg Myasnichenko  Nilpotent (n,n(n+1)/2) Sub-Riemannian Systems  24-28.06.2002 
Fernand Pelletier  Some problems of optimality relative to affine systems  17-22.06.2002 
Anthony Pollitt  TBA  22-28.06.2002 
Roland Ribotta  Singularities in the hydrodynamic flows of organized fluids  17-29.06.2002 
Joachim Rieger  A-invariants and M-deformations of equidimensional germs  23-29.06.2002 
Inna Scherbak  Rational maps with prescribed singularities and sl_2 representations  16-29.06.2002 
Maria Aparecida Soares Ruas  Generic properties of surfaces in R^4  21-29.06.2002 
Vyacheslav Sedykh,  Topology of corank 1 singularities of wave fronts  17-29.06.2002 
Dirk Siersma  Configuration Spaces and Limits of Voronoi Diagrams  16-28.06.2002 
Peter Slodowy  Elliptic singularities, loop groups and bundles over elliptic curves  17-29.06.2002 
Ian Stewart  Mathematical Patterns in Nature  17-23.06.2002 
Ewa Strozyna  TBA  17-29.06.2002 
Leonid Stunzhas  Parameter depending singularities of centre symmetry sets   
Zbigniew Szafraniec  On trajectories of analytic gradient vector fields  17-21.06.2002 
Susumu Tanabe  The singular locus of the system of differential equations annihilating the fibre integrals associated to the complete intersection singularities  17-29.06.2002 
Pawel Urbanski  Legendre transformation for singular Lagrangian  17-29.06.2002 
Andras Volford  TBA  16-22.06.2002 
Mariusz Zajac  TBA  17-29.06.2002 
Vladimir Zakalyukin  Singularities of families of chords  17-24.06.2002 
Henryk Zoladek  The geometry of Puiseux expansions  17-29.06.2002